RPG and Fantasy Related Manga/Light Novel List

Here’s a convenient list of RPG-like manga and light novels. This post is a work in progress and will be updated gradually as I discover more titles. EDIT: This list is no longer being “actively” maintained. Might make an update here and there, but no guarantees. Feel free to post in the comments about titles for others to see though. Pictures are added randomly. This is by no means intended to be comprehensive, since to be honest, there’s a lot of junk out there.

I separate list into “Games” and “Fantasy,” but there is a degree of overlap. I guess the main separation is the former being directly related to a game or gamer abilities, whereas the latter makes references to RPGs.

At the bottom will be links to other related lists.

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Saver by Lee Eun-Young – Review


Title: Saver
Author: Eun-Young Lee
English Publisher: Tokyopop (publication dropped after vol. 6)
Status: Volume 1-17, complete
Genre: Shoujo, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Another World, Light Romance, Gender-bender

Summary: While on the run after being framed for murder, Lena finds herself transported into European-esque medieval fantasy world. As it turns out, she is the “child of prophecy” leading her to come into contact with those who want to use her, for both good and bad.

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Operation Liberate Men – Brief Review

Operation Liberate Men - Volume 2 Cover Operation Liberate Men - Volume 3 Cover

Title: Operation Liberate Men
Author: Mira Lee
English Publisher: Netcomics (Link to publisher website)
Status: Volume 1-9, complete (author abandoned)
Genre: Shoujo, Fantasy, Another World, Light Romance, Gender-bender (especially this one..)

Summary: After failing the high school entrance exams, Suha is approached by a beautiful man from an another world, Genesha, to join the male liberation army. Almost in the spur of the moment, Suha agrees and is transported into a strange place. Suha eventually finds out that in this other world Para, the roles of male and female are reversed! But it is not the haven Suha thought it would be…

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